Whataburger Vs. Wonder Woman: Battle of the Flying “W”

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SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Symbols have always been a huge part of superhero comics. Whether it's the "S" across Superman's chest or the bat that lights up the night sky, we'd recognize their logos anywhere.

But when DC decided to revamp their Wonder Woman logo it kind of had a familiar look to it. The world of Whataburger and a comic book superhero are colliding in a way we would have never expected.

So the real question is: which came first? Wonder Woman or Whataburger?

The infamous beacon for twenty-four hour deliciousness was originally created in Corpus Christi in the 1970's. And even though Wonder Woman has been around since the 1940’s, the world first met her logo in the early 1980’s.

Now, although the new, revamped Wonder Woman logo looks very similar to the Whataburger trademark flying "W,” there are no hard feelings.

According to the fast food giant, the chain and DC Comics are currently involved in a "friendly trademark discussion.” And no, there will not be a civil war.


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