Pride Parade Takes Over the Streets of Dallas!

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DALLAS -- If you've seen a couple more rainbows than usual this month there's a good reason for it. The Dallas Pride Parade took over the streets of Cedar Springs and Oak Lawn Sunday, bringing everyone together; yes even us here at CW33, in celebrating everything LGBTQ.

"Everybody is real friendly to us and I love it. I enjoy coming here,” said one parade goer.

Flags and brightly colored floats painted the scene as an estimated 45,000 people from all over participated in a movement that dates back to 1972.

"We’ve been traveling around the U.S. and we planned the trip so that we would end up here for Dallas pride,” said Dennis Backstrom. "It’s certainly a large community here, who are very welcoming and very supportive which is great."

With Dallas having one of the largest gay populations in the United States and marriage equality legal in all 50 states, the LGBTQ community certainly has a lot to celebrate.

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