Cheeseburger Paradise! DFW Celebrates National Cheeseburger Day

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DALLAS -- Are y'all ready for a burger battle?! Let me warn you. This one's getting cheesy.

"National Cheeseburger Day? What a perfect day to go out and get the perfect burger, right?" asked burger lover Melissa Stephens.

Yep, it's National Cheeseburger Day, so we decided to get the sizzle on America's favorite sandwich.

"Put it together right, cook it right, and put a smile on your face while you do it," said Keller's cook Brady Wesberry.

We could focus on the fan favorite chains like Whataburger, but let's love on our locals.

"When you get it, it's perfection," Maple & Motor Shift Leader Monica Tatro said, describing her restaurant's well-known burgers. "Perfection in our little baskets."

"I think it's the procedure of how they cook 'em and the produce on 'em that makes 'em really good," Shirley Ehney said about the burgers at Keller's, where she's worked for more than 50 years.

No matter the list, Keller's, along with Maple & Motor, are always near the top for best burger. For both, it's all about simplicity.

"It's not fancy. It's just real," said Maple & Motor customer Lyn Williams. "It's just a real burger."

A cheeseburger in Paradise, if you will. And hey, even Dallas' finest stops in at Keller's during their lunch break. Overall, though, it's that extra ingredient that makes a local burger worthy of National Cheeseburger Day.

"As they say, cook it with love," Wesberry said, standing over his grill.

You love to cook it. We love to eat it.

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