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Pride’s Main Guy In Charge Talks History Of Colorful Event

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DALLAS — It’s been over a year since SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage, making one of Dallas’ most popular events even more meaningful for its people. For the past 12 years head of Dallas Tavern Guild, Michael Doughman has made sure Dallas Pride happened every year.

“I took the reigns directly from a couple of folks including Paul Lewis who has since deceased,” Doughman explained.

During his watch, Doughman has witnessed the event go from a crowd of 500 people to thousands.

“I know the history of Pride and it was relatively small starting out in the early 80’s,” he added.  “We didn’t have a festival in those days.”

Over the years, one of Doughman’s hardest tasks has been securing the event.

“Our community at one time, because of issues that… happened, looked at all police officers as somebody coming to harass them,” he said.

But, like a rainbow after the rain, Dallas police have made an effort to build a relationship with the gay community. This year, DPD is expected to heighten security and also take part in the parade.

Nowadays, we have a great working relationship with DPD, with Chief Brown, and most of his staff,” he explained. “He will be in the parade!”

Now that’s what Pride is all about, coming together in the name of love!

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