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New iPhone 7 Released to the Public; Some People Have Already Destroyed Them

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DALLAS -- The day has finally arrived. A small number of people swarmed Apple, wireless carriers, and Best Buy stores around the world to get their hands on the new iPhone 7.

There's always hype around the latest device, with people normally camping out for days and the line stretching at least a few blocks long. This year, the buzz wasn't so loud for the new iPhone or the new Apple Watch.

Even though people were not using vacation days to wait in line, it doesn't mean people can walk into a store and get their new phones right away.  Apple revealed it shipped fewer phones to retail stores.

Once people get their hands on the new iPhone, what should they do? Play with it? Send out a text? Destroy it?

If you guessed the latter, you would be correct. There are people who crack, scratch, or burn the phones as part of a review process.

In one particular video, the man shows what kind of object it would take to scratch the screen and the back surface. He also burns the phone with a lighter to show that the phone will still work after being exposed to high heat. Other videos show what will happen if you drop the phone from different heights.

It's not just the phones. There are also videos of iWatches taking a beating.

Don't try this at home, at least if you can't afford to buy another phone.

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