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Class Act: DeSoto Senior Looks To Redefine His Generation

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DESOTO, TX — You often hear people call high schoolers the “Next Generation of Leaders.” Well, Eric Adejuwon isn’t waiting that long! And that’s what makes him our Class Act of the Week.

Eric is a senior at DeSoto High, where he’s established himself as a class president and the president of the high school Rotary club.

“I believe service about self,” said Eric. “I believe that we have to be able to show leadership not only in the manageable positions but also the students as well. We want to push professionalism in DeSoto ISD.”

He’s also founded the Male Leadership Class at his school.

“I believe that as men, especially as young men, we don’t talk, we never have time to really truthfully grow,” Eric said. “Especially matriculating in high school and we’re making that jump to college and to post-life and I want to make sure that these young men know how to be leaders in their organizations, in their communities, in their hearts and their households and I’m just blessed with the progress that we’ve made.”

Well respected by both his peers and his mentors, Eric’s ultimate goal is to break down the stereotypes around “Millennials”.

“They say we’re lazy, we’re very sarcastic, we don’t think really that far ahead,” Eric commented. “We’re really ambitious when it comes to things that are unrealistic, but not truthfully feasible. However, I disagree. I believe that being creative opens imagination and I think the generations before us fail to realize that imagination is what makes this world better. The same ambition that we have for our generation shows the multitude that this breed, this year, this generation of people that are just like me can change the world.”

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