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CDC Warns of Fowl Kissing

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DALLAS - The Center for Disease Control is warning people to stop kissing their chickens. The CDC says now that backyard chicken coops are all the rage, Salmonella outbreaks are on the rise.

Hard to believe showing chickens some love may be hazardous to your health.  John Ramos of Urban Chicken Ranch builds backyard coops and he says business is flying  high as more homeowners are raising chicks.

“I have clients that kiss their birds, I have clients that put their face in front of their chickens. The only reason I am afraid to do it is I am afraid to get pecked in the face. I don’t do it, but my employee Sam, he kisses all his birds," said Ramos.

The CDC reports, 49% of baby chick owners claim they snuggle their birds. 13% reported kissing their chicks. There have been five deaths from salmonella.

So before making that play date with your favorite poultry, the CDC says never keep fowl in the house and keep their beaks to themselves. Ramos says you should wash your hands too, but so far there’s no epidemic.

“I'm probably worried more about Salmonella if I were to buy my eggs from a grocery store," said Ramos.

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