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TravelFix: The Travelers’ Medical Checklist

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WORLDWIDE -- So you want to be a world traveler? Well, that means taking the good with the bad. In this case, get ready to take some medicine.

Our travel expert Drew Binsky is here to give you a few doses of reality when it comes to staying healthy around the world.

"Medical protocol is very important when you're traveling overseas,” says Drew. “Each country is independent so you have to really check online to see which medications are required for visiting certain countries. For most of third world countries you're recommended to get a typhoid shot and hepatitis A and B... it basically protects you from bacteria and a lot of food poisoning and water contamination that you can get from food...”

Some of the most prone diseases come from those pesky mosquitoes.

"I've personally never taken malaria pills but I've been told by several doctors I need to get them... as you know malaria is a disease from mosquitoes, it's related to Zika virus,” explains Drew. “All the mosquito viruses are kind of the same, yellow fever."

Besides the malaria pills, Drew has no problem taking anything else that may be needed to make it through a trip if sickness calls.

"I have a whole dopp kit of a pharmacy that I carry with me because going to the doctor is really something I hate doing abroad even though I've done it many times. You have to carry stuff like Advil, ibuprofen because you cannot find those in every country,” advises Drew. “Claritin for allergies, all your vitamins; Vitamin C, Vitamin D. You just take that Emergen-C stuff that you can put in a water bottle or a Vitamin C pill. I also bring prescriptions... so a Z-Pak, it helps you when you have strep throat or some viral infection.”

But sometimes getting a clean bill of health requires you spending a few bills; drew says that's where traveler's insurance comes to the rescue.

"If you a really big issue and you have to go see a doctor you want to make sure you have health insurance," warns Drew. "There's a health insurance company called World Nomads,, where you can basically get coverage for any country when you're traveling.”

"It's about $80 to $100 a month but I always travel with it and they have reimbursed me for several different hospital visits which is awesome.”

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Happy traveling!

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