Simon Says: A lot of you go to Work Sick. Stop it, Even at the White House!

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DALLAS -- When was the last time we all talked about pneumonia this much? Hillary Clinton's stumble, secrecy, and eventual bed rest, didn’t put to bed the topic of how grueling  being President can be. It’s more like being the ‘Commander-in-Grief’.

Can you imagine what Clinton and Trump  will look like in four years if they get the gig?   No time for tanning booths or  sending private emails,  because we all know there are no sick days at the White House. You can’t reschedule a crisis.

Many of you  probably relate because you won’t "reschedule" work! A recent study by NPR claims many of you go to work sick , even when you shouldn’t. At least half of the people surveyed work in places like restaurants.

Sick people show up because they are scared of losing their job or leaving work short-staffed. Work can be a lesson in stamina and common sense, but we should be a lot smarter. Wouldn’t it be nice if Clinton and Trump set the example?

Were all human!  Everyone from the President to the Queen use the toilet a few times a day like the rest of us. So my advice to Donald and Hillary:  make it real. Don’t make it a production by telling Dr. Oz how healthy you are. And don’t pretend nothing is wrong.

THAT would make you more relatable, but probably SICK with the thought of losing in November.

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