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Reinstated Dallas Cop Files Lawsuit Against City for Wrongful Termination

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DALLAS -- The Dallas cop who inspired the hashtag #SaveJesus is now out for revenge. Jesus Martinez was fired from the police department two years ago after an investigation determined that he used excessive force while arresting a panhandler in Deep Ellum.

In 2015 Martinez won his final appeal of the decision and was reinstated to the police department. Now Martinez is suing the City of Dallas and Chief David Brown claiming that he wasn`t properly reimbursed for his time away from the police force.

On Thursday, with his lawyer present, Martinez held a press conference at three links in Deep Ellum detailing the lawsuit, “The city wrongfully fired me then they wanted to penalize me for getting my job back” said Martinez.

Martinez says his time from the department working odd jobs was very stressful for him and his family, “It was very tough on both my wife and I, we spent very little time with each other because of that. I was working 7 days a week.”

Martinez and his lawyer didn`t specify the exact amount that they`re seeking but made it known that they`re looking to be fairly compensated for his wrongful termination. “I love Dallas and I absolutely love my neighborhood in Deep Ellum,” explained Martinez. “But that love for all of this does not mean I will sit back and just let the department take from my wife and my family.”

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