How far can you Drive on ‘Empty’?

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DALLAS -- Ever wonder how far your car will go when the gas light comes on? came up with some answers. They list 50 top selling cars showing how far they can go once the gas light comes on.


For example, if you have a Nissan Altima, you’re good to go, at least for a while. When the warning light goes on, Altima’s can go from 81 to 114 more miles. According to the study, Ford’s and Kia’s come in on the low end, with 30 miles when the fuel gauge lights up.

The Dallas County Courtesy Patrol says more than half their calls are for stranded drivers on empty. They say they get way more empty calls when the price of gas is higher.

Courtesy Patrols say SUV’s are the hardest to start up again and take 2 to 3 gallons just to get back on the road. They also see stranded repeat offenders and limit drivers to 3 gallons a year.

So do drivers really push it when the light goes on? “I’ve tried to go from here to Mesquite before. I’ve gotten that far," said Dallas driver, Terraneisha Gibson.

But doesn't recommend doing that. Mileage depends on where and what type of car you drive. Running out of gas not only leaves you high and dry but could damage your fuel system.

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