Gift of Life: Four Organ Recipients Meet the Family of Their Donor

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DALLAS -- There's nothing that blends tragedy with blessing quite like organ donation.  One family's grief is another family's gift of life.

When Gayla and Ronnie Matthews lost their 16-year-old son Cam'ron to an aneurysm last October, they didn't even know he'd signed up to be a donor.  He did it when he got his driver's learning permit.

"He never actually got to get his real license," said Ronnie. "But he got his permit, and that was just enough time for him to sign up and to be able to donate life."

Meanwhile, four people didn't know they were about to receive that precious gift from Cam'ron.

Among them: Charlie Robbins.  He said his congestive heart failure had destroyed his quality of living.

"I was down to 10% of my heart left," said Robbins.

"I had gotten oxygen and was hauling a tank around all the time," said Ronnie Irwin, who needed a lung transplant.

Susan Sisco also needed a lung, and Dana Hall was on the list for a kidney and pancreas.

That was ten months ago.  Today, the Matthews family met the four recipients for the first time and heard first-hand about the legacy left by Cam'ron.

"I hunt, fish, do all kinds of yard work," said Robbins, who received Cam'ron's heart.  "I'm doing real good."

The rest all shared their success stories as well, and Cam'ron's father got to hear his son's heart beating - in Robbins' chest.

"It's awesome to see everybody standing on their own," said Matthews. "And being able to breathe.  He's not gone all the way; his heart is still beating, his lungs, his kidney, and pancreas, they're still working, and it's helping other people to live."

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