Pet Owner Spends $500 Saving Goldfish’s Life

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QUEENSLAND, Australia -- Most goldfish are known to live short lives; however, one owner was determined to save the life of her aquatic pet.

Conquer, Emma Marsh's lucky one-year-old goldfish, received an emergency procedure after attempting to consume a pebble that was too large for his tiny fish bod. The pebble got stuck in the side of Conquer's mouth and he (?) began choking. They rushed to a vet, where Conquer was sedated so the pebble could be removed.

And then Marsh got the bill and we're guessing maybe she had to be sedated as well. We're just kidding.

The price tag? $500!

The consultation cost over $100, and another $400 was dropped for anesthetic and an overnight hospital stay, according to The Courier Mail, but Conquer made it and is now doing just fine.

Marsh reportedly paid $12 for Conquer, who is 2" long and weighs about .03 pounds.

That's a loving pet owner!


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