Pardon My Dust: Your Home’s Dust is Probably Loaded with Hazardous Chemicals

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Are you worried about chemicals in the air outside? A new study says your own “home sweet home” probably isn’t safe from hazardous chemicals, either.

Researchers at George Washington University studied samples of household dust across the country. Almost all of them had 10 chemicals that have been linked to health issues ranging from cancer to reproductive and developmental problems.

So where’s all this bad stuff coming from?

A lot of it’s from chemicals in your furniture, in your carpet padding, even in baby products, that make them flame-retardant. Other chemicals used in paint, cosmetics and even in non-stick cookware can also lead to health problems.

The researchers say simple things like washing your hands frequently and using a vacuum with a HEPA filter can help.

Makes you think twice about the 5 second rule, doesn’t it?

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