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Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems? Drake Buys Neighbor’s $3Mil Crib While Nelly Struggles To Pay Taxes

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HIDDEN HILLS, CA -- When it comes to Hip-Hop, seems like it's all about how much cars, clothes, and cash you can show off in one music video shoot. But, as a rapper, you can't really shine if you owe Uncle Sam. That's why Nelly's fan base is doing what they can to help him pay more than $2 million in taxes.

We're guessing he blew a lot of that on grillz and Air Force 1's.

Seriously, though, when the news about his "Dilemma" spread, #SaveNelly surfaced on social media to try to get people to stream his music on Spotify. But to pay his tax bill, they'll have to do it over and over again. If Nelly's music is streamed at least 287 million times the money earned from royalties alone could actually help.

But while Nelly seems to be going down, down, baby.  Drake is making "Headlines"  for buying his neighbor's $2.85 million crib just so he can play his music as loud as he wants! Apparently, the neighbors complained about Drake's 4 a.m. house parties in Hidden Hills -- so the rapper decided to cut a check to hush them up instead!

Lyrically speaking,  Drake is actually putting his money where his mouth is!

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