3 Basic Skills Make You Successful

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People looking for success, to perhaps get out of your parents' house.

Are you willing to put in the hard work it takes to achieve it? Or are you just waiting for it to fall into your lap?

It usually doesn't. Developing some skill can get you there faster!

1. Discipline

In 2014, Admiral William. H. McCraven told University of Texas grads to make their beds if they want to change the world.

Is your house a wreck? Do you pick up the trash and keep your yard neat and orderly?

Finish tasks before you start?

2. Integrity

Doing the right thing at the right time for the right reasons.

Being accountable and owing up to your mistakes.

Being able to say you're sorry.

3. Self-Respect

How do you conduct yourself in public?

Do you post pictures on social media you'd be embarrassed to show your mother?

Your dress?

Do you treat your body like a temple and maintain a healthy weight?

There are other qualities prospective employers look for when hiring candidates, but having discipline, integrity, and self-respect -- plus an  expertise in a given field -- will result in an air of confidence about you that will have interviewers chompin' at the bit to find you a spot with their company.

Why not take that discipline, integrity, and self-respect for a spin, and see how it goes?

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