Dallas School Teaches Zen-Like Techniques to Students

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DALLAS -- Kids at Dan D. Rogers Elementary are breathing at a whole new level after the school started the 'Our Mind Time' program this year. It all begins once the school day starts. Whenever the bell rings, kids use the pretzel breathing technique.

"We cross our hands like a pretzel and then we close our eyes and we breathe in, and we breathe out," explains one 5th grade student.

Dan D. Rogers Elementary school counselor, Jeanne Juneau says, “We’re actually teaching them how to calm themselves down, it’s a self-management technique.”

'Our Mind Time' helps students get focused and de-stress. The school says kids can have the best grades in the world,  but they also have to play well with others and deal with stress.

Maybe we should all pick up the mind time. Maybe next, kids yoga!

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