Top 7 Alcohol Myths Busted

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Have you ever heard liquor before beer you’re in the clear, drinking a beer after a bender helps cure a hangover or other claims about your favorite cocktail? Well, a lot of them are completely false according to MSN!

Liquor before beer and you're in the clear? Well, that’s not entirely accurate. Julia Chester at Purdue University says that the order in which we drink alcohol doesn’t really matter. Our bodies metabolize beer and mixed cocktails faster than straight liquor but any kind of alcohol is going to have the same effect if you overdo it.

Eating before drinking keeps you sober. Nope. Eating a full pizza before your 12-pack only delays alcohol from absorbing into the blood stream. And, eating a big meal to cure a hangover the next morning really won’t help. The alcohol is already in your blood stream.

Alcohol kills brain cells. Not exactly. Alcohol does affect the brain but not by killing its cells. Basically, it inhibits neural pathways that allow effective communication in our brains, which can lead to all kinds of side effects.

Having a nightcap before bed will help you sleep? Actually, you may feel tired from alcohol consumption because it prevents deep REM sleep. This can really affect your mood the next day and make you feel exhausted.

Hair of the dog! Drinking a bloody mary or beer the day after a night of binge boozing will actually just prolong your misery. Alcohol is a diuretic and dehydrates you. More of this doesn’t help. The same goes for coffee.

Memories from being blackout drunk will come back to you eventually. While severely intoxicated our brains shut off the function that stores memories. So, don’t even try to remember it.

Tequila makes people go nuts! There is no evidence that a certain type of alcohol has a specific effect on you. So, your friend that claims wine makes them sad may just be sad to begin with.

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