Young Dallas Poet Meets First Lady Michelle Obama

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -- To become a writer, it takes discipline, patience, and passion. Some aspiring writers take years, even decades before ever getting published.

But for one senior at St. Mark's in Dallas, his story went a little different. Gopal Raman, a poet who, as a sophomore, had already published his first volume of poetry, photography, and prose called "Beyond the Edge."

And it must have been pretty good. Because it caught the eye of the First Lady, Michelle Obama!

Mrs. Obama said, "These talented young people have done so much over these years, they've traveled the country, many of them the world, and they've been sharing the magic of poetry with others.”

On Thursday, Mrs. Obama welcomed the 5th annual class of the National Student Poets Program to the White House to honor the five best student poets in the country, with Raman standing right there next to the first lady.

"It is never easy to expose inner thoughts and raw emotions, let alone a lot of cameras, and at the White House,” said Mrs. Obama.

And if you think things couldn't get much better for this kid, well think again!

Gopal donated all the proceeds from his book to an elementary school where he volunteers as a tutor and a mentor! Talk about a poetic finish!