What is Aleppo? NewsFix Quizzes People to see Who Knows

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DALLAS -- If you`re running for president of the United States it`s good to be caught up on current events, otherwise you run the risk of getting embarrassed like Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson recently was during an interview.

When asked what he would do about the situation in Aleppo if elected president Johnson drew a blank. When the interviewer explained that Aleppo was a city in war-torn Syria Johnson responded with “Okay, got it.”

Many people are shocked that Johnson didn`t get it sooner. Maybe the candidate that most people need to Google would`ve benefited from a Google search himself.

But this little exchange got us wondering here at NewsFix: does the common person know what Aleppo is? We asked people on the street where answers ranged from it being an animal, a disease and even a word of Italian origin.

If you didn’t know about Aleppo before today don't feel too embarrassed because even major news publications didn’t seem to know. The New York Times ran an article on the Gary Johnson fiasco but had to correct their usage of Aleppo in the piece not once but twice!

Maybe we all need to thank Johnson; at least now we're all better prepared the next time we have to answer the question "What is Aleppo?"