Veteran Jason Witten Has Faith In Cowboys Rookie Starters

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Dak Prescott and Jason Witten practice on Thursday ahead of Sunday's game against the Giants.

Dak Prescott and Jason Witten practice on Thursday ahead of Sunday’s game against the Giants.

FRISCO — The Cowboys will be making some team history this Sunday, opening the season with rookies at quarterback and running back for the first time since 1969.

But if Dak and Zeke are feeling the jitters at least they can know they’re paired with one of the longest tenured vets in the NFL: Jason Witten.

“You always got to keep on going,” said Witten. “You don’t flinch in those situations and I think we’ve done a good job of that so far in our preparation. Hopefully, it’ll carry over to Sunday.”

Witt knows that the stakes get raised big time once the regular season kicks off, but he thinks these guys have what it takes.

“There’s no question they’re going to see what the bright lights are all about and the thing I like about this group now is that they seem to embrace that, It doesn’t seem to big for them,” Witten said. “You can’t overthink it, you’ve just got to go play ball. I mean coach Garrett says it all the time, ‘You prepare, you prepare and the Sunday put a smile on your face and go play.’ I think these guys don’t have any problem doing that.”

Oh, and those two rookies that started back in ’69: Calvin Hill and Roger Staubach. So it’s safe to say that if history repeats itself, Sunday could be the start of the next generation in Big D.