TravelFix: Ranking the Top Festivals in the World

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WORLDWIDE -- Traveling is supposed to be about letting loose and trying things you've never done before and there's no better place to do that than at a party! In this edition of Travel Fix, Drew Binsky shares his experiences at some of the biggest festivals in the world!

"I've actually attended several dozen music festivals all over the world,” says Drew. “I personally love electronic music so I've been to a lot of big electronic festivals but I've also been some other cultural festivals.”

"The biggest electronic music festival in the world that I attended is Tomorrowland in Belgium, it happens every July. It's basically like a four day festival over a weekend with every DJ you could think of in the world and it's really hard to get tickets, they go on sale and sell out in like a second so you have to act fast. It's really cool because everybody represents their own country, they wear the flag around their back, face paint, everything...Probably the best weekend I've had in my life."

"Another electronic festival is EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) which happens in the U.S. The big one is in Vegas which I've been to twice but there's also one in Chicago, Miami and actually they go international, I think there's one in Brazil and Spain...Nobody is camping out usually, it's more popular just to stay at a hotel and then go back.

“I've been to a festival called Bonnaroo in's like a bunch of different music genres, it's a camp out festival...they have all types of music from classic rock, to reggae, to rap music, to EDM so if you like any sort of music it's definitely worth checking out."

Although it's not all about listening to eardrum pounding music and pumping your fists, sometimes you have to tap into your “Holi” side.

"One of the coolest cultural festivals I went to was called Holi in India” explains Drew. “It's actually a holiday celebrated by all of India...What they do is they throw paint on you, literally buckets of paint, that they'll dump on your head or they'll just throw it at you...It's called the festival of color so it's a big celebration of happiness and life in India…Make sure you don't wear any important clothes on that day if you go."

Your clothes will also take a beating at another popular festival that takes place out in the desert, "When I was living in Korea I went to Burning Man Korea but it’s like a much smaller version...but it's cool" explains Drew. "People went out in the middle of the park, there was a live band, people painting and doing all this stuff...but if you're going to go to Burning Man definitely go to the one in Nevada."

Ultimately Drew ranks the festivals he's been too in this order: Tomorrowland, the Holi festival in India, then EDC.

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