Simon Says: A Police Chief Proved you can Stink one day and Smell Great the Next

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DALLAS -- The man some people call “America’s Police Chief” is calling it a career. Were you surprised to hear David Brown announced he would leave the Dallas Police Department?

The country got a glimpse of Brown and his calm demeanor during and after Dallas was under-fire and five brave officers died on July 7th. The reviews were glowing. The New York Times said he became the ‘face of a shocked nation.”  Now, Brown can write his own ticket:

  • Politics?
  • Motivational Speeches?
  • A book deal?
  • Dancing with the Stars?

Good for him, he has options. It’s safe to say Brown will benefit, but isn’t it amazing how things work out?  How you can stink one day and then smell like a rose the next.

Months before the shootings, it was nearly a “Brown out” at DPD. The unions complained about low pay and morale, many people considered him a failure.   A lot of people didn’t  seem to care what Brown had to say. But then came July 7th, and we hung on his every word.

The lesson: it doesn’t matter who you are, each of us is will face a tough moment in life where we get the chance to make an impact.
Whether it’s a choice to kill a terrorist, revive a dying career, or just figure out a way to help a loved one who’s addicted or depressed - everyone is capable of one shining moment and putting the stench of negativity behind you.
Remember that,  the next time the #!&% gets real.