Why Mispronouncing a Student’s Name can Have a Lasting Impact

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WASHINGTON, D.C. - Taking attendance in class is something we don't really think anything about. It's an everyday task, a routine, pretty mundane if you ask a teacher.

But sometimes, it's the exact opposite of mundane.  And unfortunately, butchering a student’s name in class simply isn’t acceptable.

That's because, according to the National Association of Bilingual Education, it can have a lasting impact on their lives.

You see, a name can be the link to one's identity. It can hold historical and cultural significance to the students and their families, especially if they're a minority or immigrant.

So when a teacher slaughters a kid’s name, regardless of whether it's a common one or not, this study says they're really saying your name is strange.

So to answer that age-old question, what’s in a name? The answer may be, everything.