Dallas Police Chief David Brown Stays Quiet About Plans After Retirement

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DALLAS -- Dallas police chief David Brown officially announced his retirement on Thursday in front of the cameras he's become pretty familiar with as of late.

"'So, why are you retiring?' is the first big question. Number one, it's been 33 years. It's time to go," said Brown. "I am retiring after 33 years, not resigning. I`m retiring after 33 years of service."

The timing of the chief's retirement comes two months after the shooting deaths of five police officers in downtown Dallas. Chief Brown says that timing is nothing but a coincidence.

"It is not accurate that the July 7th incident played a role in my retirement.  Really as a police chief, you want to quit every day at the end of the shift. You really do. there`s something that happens, some rookie does something, some veteran does something that you just say, 'I just quit.' And the thing that gets you to come back is, service so much outweighs anything negative that happens."

So what will chief Brown do next with so much time on his hands? He's not saying:

"As soon as I make a decision I am sure you all will know what direction I`ll go in next. And no matter how you pry, no matter how you ask that question, my answers going to be, 'That`s between me and my baby.' And unless you`re my new baby, you`re not getting that answer."

But one thing you can be sure of: he won't be sitting at home: "I am a gym rat, I love being in the gym and working out and swimming I love all that, golfing," said Brown.

Good luck in retirement Chief!