Businesses Cause Outrage with 9/11 Inspired Ads

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL -- Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the tragic attacks that took place on 9/11. While everyone has their own way of honoring the lives lost on that day there`s a couple of “tributes” that are causing quite the outrage.

The first is this display found at a Panama City Beach, Florida Walmart where stacks of Coke Zero were used to represent the twin towers.

The sign above the display read "We will never forget", social media is making sure of that.

One Twitter user nicknamed the advertisement “Ground Coke Zero” while another described the set-up as “gross”. A Walmart spokesman has stated that the display has now been taken down.

Another company released a 9/11 inspired ad that`s sure to lead to many sleepless nights. Miracle mattress in San Antonio thought this building mattresses into two towers and then laughingly falling into them was a good idea.

The store released an apology on Facebook saying in part “We are very sorry we have offended you...We are promoters of peace and love...Please accept our apology.”

Based on all the angry responses to the apology it looks like that`s going to take a miracle.

As we get closer to Sunday, memo to all advertisers: just leave 9/11 out of your marketing campaign.