Box Office Bust?! Hollywood Reportedly Loses Nearly $1B During Summer ’16

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LOS ANGELES, CA -- Apparently it's not always the perfect storm in Hollywood. The movie industry witnessed a financial storm after failing to make it rain money over the summer. A new report from Bloomberg says mainstream cinema suffered losses that totaled an estimated $1 billion. They can't put the blame on the whole Netflix and chill trend either. Turns out, most movies they put out this summer really just ...sucked!


Source: Bloomberg

Source: Bloomberg

The worst hit is Ben-Hur. Even Morgan Freeman couldn't predict this $120 million loss.

Disney had three box office busts! The BFG, Alice Through The Looking Glass, and Pete's Dragon. Thankfully box office hits like Finding Dory kinda saved them from drowning completely.

Although the movie caused a lot of chatter,  no one called this all-girls Ghostbusters team. The reboot reportedly lost $58 million.