8 Must Eats at Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

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By Azure Arther, NewsCastic

Surprising their fans in the best of ways, Deep Ellum Brewing Company now serves food.

Their menu is full, starting with a long list of appetizers, moving on to a list of sandwiches and wraps, and continuing with a variety of food stuffs that only Deep Ellum Brewing Co. would create. You see, DEB understands their customers. Deep Ellum Brewing Co.’s loyal patrons expect quality beer with untypical style so of course they expect the same of their favorite brewery’s cuisine.

Here’s a look at eight must eats you should try today!


IPA Hummus

They have food now!

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This spicy creation is a mix of Deep Ellum IPA, chickpeas, lemon, garlic, tahini, salt, olive oil & fresh jalapeno. Garnished with fresh vegetables and bread, the jalapeno-topped hummus is a sizzling combination made fresh in the Taproom.

Perfectly Wrapped

The Tree Hugger may not be the most politically correct name, but its flavor easily makes up for the sting. A series of veggies and hummus mixed with spicy aioli makes for a delicious wrap that is lightweight, but somehow filling. This vegetable-stuffed wheat or tomato herb wrap is perfect for an on-the-go lunch or a vegetarian preference.

Tots! Tots! Tots!

Craft brews and Mexican corn tater tots 👌🏼. #CraftBeer #Dallas #Texas

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There’s something about tater tots. They aren’t fries, they aren’t hash browns, and they sure don’t constitute as mashed potatoes, but somehow, they are a little bit of all three. These little bits of golden brown potato are perfectly sized bites on their own, but the Taproom has taken tater tot perfection one step further: these crunchy-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside tots have been loaded with toppings. You have three choices: Elote (which can have pulled pork added), Frito (Fritos, chili and cheese), and loaded (mac n’ cheese and bacon crumbles).

Layered On Taste

Cheat day. Gotta hit the gym hard later 😂💪🏽

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Definitely the most bang for your buck, the layered nachos can be ordered vegetarian or with chicken, beef or pulled pork. Black refried beans, jack and cheddar cheese, are layered among a healthy serving of chips. A surprise for your mouth is the flavorful addition of the pulled pork, which is a step above the norm, and oh so tasty.

To Meat or Not to Meat

To reiterate, Deep Ellum Brewing Co does nothing in half-measures. The meat and cheese board is guaranteed to always be an unexpected pleasure. Since the Brewery only uses seasonal local proteins and cheeses, there is no guarantee that the board you had last time will be the board you’ll get on your next visit. Always willing to cater to their diverse patronage, this dish can be ordered sans meat with the substitutions being another unpredictable mix of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Burgers and Beer

A cold beer and a hot, juicy burger are the perfect food and drink for the end of the day. Knowing this, Deep Ellum Brewery has a host of burgers on their new menu. From singles and doubles to 1/2 pound patties topped with mac n’ cheese, there’s a burger and a burger style for everyone. Thankfully, this is the one place where the beer is guaranteed to be the perfect accompaniment.

The Three Uh…Tacos

Ringing in Taco Tuesday 🌮 #neatobandito #tacotuesday #picnicchicken

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Choose three of the same or mix them up. Two beef and a shrimp? No problem. A chicken and two beef? Why not? Sticking to true Tex-Mex style, these mouth-watering tacos come with corn tortillas as their base, but their toppings are far from ordinary. The chicken is fried, the beef is sliced, and the shrimp comes with pineapple instead of onions. Each taco is definitely worth a try.

Sweet and Tangy

It doesn’t have to be sweet. You can order a grilled chicken sandwich buffalo style or fried, but why miss out on the sweet nectar sauce? Close to honey mustard, but better, the regular and exotic ingredients coalesce to create an ambrosial meal-time event.