70-Year-Old Kansas Man Allegedly Robs Bank to Escape Home & Wife

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Credit: Wyandotte County Sheriff’s Department

KANSAS CITY, Ks. — A 70-year-old Kansas man was allegedly so miserable at home, he robbed a bank so he’d have a new place to live. Even prison was better to Lawrence John Ripple than living at home with his wife.

Ripple was charged September 2 in federal court with the robbery of the Bank of Labor in Kansas City. According to court documents, Ripple handed the bank teller a note reading, “I have a gun, give me money,” and the teller complied with Ripple’s demand.

He didn’t make the traditional bank robber escape, though, according to the Kansas City Star. Instead, Ripple took a seat in the lobby and waited. When a security guard approached him, Ripple reportedly told him, “I’m the guy you’re looking for,” handed over the money, and waited for police.

Conveniently, the police station is on the same block as the bank, so it didn’t take police long to arrive. The Bank of Labor is at 756 Minnesota Ave. and the Kansas City Police Department is at 700 Minnesota Ave. just .1 mile away. Very thoughtful of Mr. Ripple, isn’t it?

When questioned, Ripple told police he and his wife were arguing and he, according to court documents, “no longer wanted to be in that situation” so he wrote the robbery note in front of his wife, told her he’d rather be in jail, then headed to the bank.