7 Animal Shelters Making Everyday Miracles In DFW

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By Kristina Rowe, NewsCastic

August 20th was the 25th annual International Homeless Animals’ Day, as established by the International Society for Animal Rights. Recent flooding in Louisiana means many more animals that need to be rescued. Both of these occurrences are timely reminders of the important work DFW animal rescue organizations and shelters do every day.

No discussion of animal charities is complete without a mention of Operation Kindness, a no-kill shelter that’s one of the most fun charities to volunteer for in DFW.

Here are a few more organizations that make miracles every day for our furry and four-footed friends.

Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center

Stroll to the back of the PetSmart store on Coit and Campbell, and you’re likely to see a group of doggies in a glassed-in play area. It’s not an in-store doggie day care — it’s an Everyday Adoption Center for Dallas Animal Services. This partnership with PetSmart Charities puts homeless pets in view of the store’s many animal-loving customers. PetSmart Fort Worth stores at Hulen and Alliance have adoption centers partnered with the City of Fort Worth Animal Care and Control.

While city government animal departments aren’t charities and aren’t technically rescue organizations, they play a huge role in contributing to animal safety and welfare. In addition to their adoption programs, they may host low-cost vaccination or spaying/neutering events and education programs that provide information about responsible pet ownership. And although they are publicly funded, there are always more animals in need than tight city budgets can provide for, so volunteers and donations are always welcome.

Forgotten Tails Animal Rescue

Fort Worth based Forgotten Tails Animal Rescue is a nonprofit group that focuses on saving animals from being euthanized. Their foster families rescue at-risk animals from kill shelters, while an all-volunteer team helps rehabilitate and rehome them. The group also provides education services focused on spaying and neutering. Helping reduce the amount of unwanted pets is just as important to as caring for the ones they encounter to this rescue group and many others like it in DFW.

DFW Rescue Me

Based out of Denton, DFW Rescue Me hosts a number of adoption events all around DFW. One special event they host annually is an adoption booth and education exhibit at the State Fair of Texas, called Bark at Fair Park. Swing by their booth (starting September 30th) for the doggie Kissing Booth and find your newest family member or drop off a donation.

Another function of this group is an educational program called Voices for Justice, which teaches elementary aged children about treating their pets like family members. You can read the extraordinary story of the dog who inspired it, but you’ll need some steely resolve and a couple of tissues.

Humane Society of North Texas

Serving over 25,000 animals a year, the Humane Society of North Texas is the area’s largest and longest-running non-profit animal rescue and adoption organization. In addition to adoptions of homeless animals, this group shelters and assists abandoned, injured, neglected and mistreated animals. They have numerous fundraisers and events year round, and in addition to dogs and cats, animal lovers can adopt horses, livestock and other pets.

Paws in the City

Another 100% volunteer organization, Paws in the City hosts regularly scheduled adoption events as well as fun social fundraisers. With robust corporate sponsorship and over 150 volunteers, this group started in 2005, at a time when the City of Dallas shelter was euthanizing close to 30,000 animals a year. Their mission to overcome overpopulation, abuse, and neglect issues drive their efforts to help homeless animals in many situations.

Their Guest Dog/Cat program lets people who find strays use their website and other services to rehome those animals without initiating full foster and adoption processes. Programs like this increase the number of animals that can be helped by the charity without straining their resources.

Throwaway Ponies

While the homeless animal population in DFW is largely dogs and cats, other animals need rescuing too. Throwaway Ponies in Farmersville (northeast of Dallas) rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes horses. They have adoptable horses and donkeys as well as a sanctuary that serves as a permanent home for animals not suited to adoption. There was a time when all every kid wanted was a pony. Thanks to this organization, anyone with the means to support a pony can find one waiting to be loved.

Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

Specializing in sick, injured, or orphaned birds, Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a nonprofit wildlife rescue organization in Hutchins, Texas (southeast of Dallas.) Their goal is to rehabilitate the birds and return them to their natural habitat. They’ve rescued thousands of birds and returned many to the wild. Others remain in their sanctuary along with the onside Outdoor Learning Center.

Be a Hero

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It takes lots of volunteer hours and donor dollars to keep organizations like this going. If we had the resources, most animal lovers would help every one of these organizations and then some. Each rescue/shelter group can make excellent use of your donations of time or money, so please give what you can.

But of course, we all have limited resources, so here’s one thing you can do that takes very little time and costs nothing. Getting lost pets back to their homes is a noble cause you can be a part of with a simple tool you probably use every day — Facebook! Facebook has quite a few groups and pages for Lost and Found Animals, like this one for Arlington. If you find a stray animal, or heaven forbid, lose yours, find a Lost and Found pets page for your community and post pics.

Now we’ll ask just one more thing of you. Go love on your furbabies and four-legged friends, and see if you have room in your home and heart for just one more.