Trauma Drama: Austin Man Allegedly Held Child At Gun Point In Waxahachie Hospital

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WAXAHACHIE -- Looking at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center in Waxahachie on Sunday you'd have no clue what was going on hours earlier. It was like something out of a bad movie: a gun, hostage and a standoff -- only this time it was a good ending.

Early Saturday night a guy walked into the ER and you can bet it gave everyone a sick feeling.

The suspect identified as 32-year-old Lorenzo Zarate from the Austin area is dealing with a few charges that will give him a lot to think about this holiday weekend.

According to social media posts on Facebook and Twitter, witnesses claimed Zarate walked inside the hospital holding a gun to his baby girl before telling everyone to leave.


Waxahachie police initially sent out a public safety announcement warning people to avoid the hospital and surrounding areas. Police then confirmed it was over and no one was hurt.


Zarate is charged with one count of making a terroristic threat, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, and trying to take a gun from an officer.

Obvious questions still remain: Why did this happen and especially at a hospital?

Well if this man was looking for help, he wont find it where he is now.