Dallas Hairstylist Holds Natural Hair Rally…With Rachel Dolezal?!

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DALLAS -- How we style our hair is usually what sets us apart from each other, but one local hairstylist is using hair to bring people together. On Saturday, Isis Brantley led a natural hair rally in Dallas.

"It's about celebration of natural hair and the natural hair movement," Brantley said Saturday after marching through Dallas with her supporters.

Brantley started the annual rally in 2011 to raise support for Natural Hair Legislation. In 1997, Brantley was arrested inside her salon for braiding hair without a license, but last year the stylist was instrumental in the passing of a law which exempts hair braiders from having to have a license to operate in the state.

This year's rally was highlighted by a controversial special guest: former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal.

"That upset a lot of people," Brantley admitted. "They started to just protest."

Dolezal, who's best known for pretending to be black, became a hair braider once she stepped down from her role with the NAACP. Brantley said she doesn't watch TV and had no idea about the controversy surrounding her.

"I only reached out to her because of her skills and because of her art and that's what really sold me was that she was a skilled braider," she said.

Brantley was clear that her message was about fros not frauds.

"It's the only language that we all speak, and it's the only art that we all gravitate to so I think it's a beautiful thing," she said.

Hey, what better way to spend Labor Day weekend than letting your hair down?