Four-Letter Message Spray Painted On Denton Cop Car

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DENTON -- We've heard the phrase in protests, music and movies before. But, now someone thought the controversial message belonged on a Denton cop car.

According to the department's PIO, Shane Kizer, a patrol car was parked on Loop 288 and Stuart Road to help slow traffic down during the school year, but early Saturday morning cops got a call that it had been vandalized.

Not only was it spray painted with the words "F**k the police." All four tires were slashed and a spot light was broken. Police say the damage is worth at least $2,500.


Although it's been cleaned up, cops are looking for any clues leading to the people who terrorized the squad car.

Denton PD's Facebook page even asks if you know anyone who may be bragging about this.

"The damage is going to be a state jail felony for criminal mischief," said Kizer.

It might be considered "free speech" when Beyonce was on top of a sinking cop car or when rapper Kendrick Lamar had his own tagged cop car.

But whoever did this won't be "free" when Denton police comes knocking.