3 Weeks After Fire Next Door, Olivella’s is Back Open!

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DALLAS -- Labor Day is a lot more about the laid back than it is the labor, but not for Olivella's Pizza. Not to get too cheesy, but they're pretty pumped about it.

"When you lose it for three weeks, and you don't know what's going to happen, and you don't know when you're going to reopen the doors it's a good feeling for them, and I'm excited for them," said Olivella's District Manager Aaron Michnick. "It makes me excited to see the staff as smiling and as happy as they are."

Three weeks ago, the staff was watching flames wipe out next door neighbor Goff's Hamburgers, burning the burger joint to the ground. Goff's was a Dallas landmark, making that whole area near SMU a magnet for your next meal.

Since the fire three weeks ago, water damage kept the doors sealed at Olivella's, but now it's their turn to bring the fire, straight out of the brick oven.

"Brand new floor, redid the entire rooftop as well, new walk in coolers, new smoke stack on top that was knocked off, new HVAC units for the air conditioning," Michnick said, recounting some of the things that were fixed or changed since the fire.

All that happened in just three weeks, and that hard work is certainly better than the alternative.

"We're thankful to be open again," Michnick said. "Obviously, our neighbors in the community around here...Goff's wasn't as lucky as we were. Again, we feel extremely lucky to feed great pizza to the community."

As for neighbors McCartney's and Pizza Hut, the writing's on the wall.


Both restaurants have huge messages painted on their windows saying they'll be back soon.

And Goff's?

It's starting from scratch for the historic scratch burger joint.