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Soapy Situation? Millennials Don’t Use Bar Soap ‘Cause It’s “Gross,” Study Says

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LONDON -- Seems like researchers have studied Millennials all the way down to their hand size. We have to hand it to them because some of those studies have really put the "why?" in Generation Y.

Like a new Mintel study claiming millennials don't use bar soap because they think it's "gross."

Now before we get on this soap box, we thought the only time a bar of soap was gross is when it's used like this:

Soap poisoning.

Apparently, after lathering up data, it was determined 48% of consumers ages 18 to 24 thinks bar soap is covered in germs.

Well since the old school way of washing is too germy for Millennials, they've relied on liquid soap instead. That's causing a 2.2% drop in bar soap sales over the past year.

So, in other words, the Millennials have found themselves in the middle of a soap scandal.


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