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MDA Re-brands After Long Run With Jerry

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DALLAS - When we think of Labor Day weekend, most of us over the age of 20 can't help think of Jerry Lewis' MDA Telethon.

MDA has been raising money for muscular diseases since the 60’s. Labor Day  weekend is huge for MDA in raising donations for scientific research. And even in the DFW area, the dollars are going to a good cause.

MDA Director, Jenny Hanie says, “They now have drug trials that are happening right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with babies that are born with SMA. So they’re sitting and they’re walking and they’re crawling ,things that were never possible even two years ago.”

MDA is now re-branding and they’re teaming up with firefighters  to help keep up the fundraising over the weekend with Fill The Boot.

Even though Jerry Lewis has long retired and the tote board is no more, MDA is still going strong over Labor Day Weekend.

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