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‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Finally Embracing How Fun It Can Be

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It’s not out of line to say the first season of Legends of Tomorrow on CW33 was a bumpy ride. The time traveling adventure had all of time to visit and managed to go to the ’50s, ’70s and ’80s and a few stops in the future — plus a fun little jaunt in the wild west.

While there were some interesting things going on, the threat of Season 1’s big bad Vandal Savage kept the show from really exploiting time travel in the way one might hope they would. Luckily, Vandal is gone and in his absence it seems like the fun has finally arrived!

A trailer for the new season of Legends gives a sneak peek at some of the eras the team of misfits will be visiting and as Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) promises, “There’s no rules.”

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From what’s shown, Sara will seduce the Queen of France — or the Queen will seduce her — the crew will kidnap Albert Einstein and Jax (Franz Drameh) and Dr. Stein (Victor Garber) fail to impress a child king that wants them beheaded.

It seems the show is reaching for a feeling of fun and excitement, which should be easy to grasp for a show about superheroes going back in time — at least in theory. Hopefully the tone of the new season will match it because this is the version of the show fans have been hoping for.

Sarah Grey on 'Legends of Tomorrow'

What’s more, there’s lots of stuff coming in the new season that didn’t even make the trailer. The introductions of the Justice Society of America and the Legion of Doom will provide some interesting new situations, while producers teased at San Diego Comic-Con that Jonah Hex (Johnathan Schaech) will make his return. It’s worth noting though that while there’s not much Justice Society in the trailer, there is a quick look at Stargirl (Sarah Grey) in all her retro costume glory.

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With so much on tap, there’s plenty to look forward to when Legends of Tomorrow premieres Thursday, Oct. 13, at 7 p.m. on CW33.

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