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Cowboys Legend Jay Novacek Talks Football, Retirement & Tony Romo

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DALLAS — Cowboys legend Jay Novacek dropped by the NewsFix studios and we got to talk with the three-time Super Bowl champ about the start of football season, which he’s always pumped up for!

“[I] played organized football for over 22 years straight and that never gets out of your blood,” said the former Cowboys tight end.

And Jay is a Cowboy from start to finish, playing for the Wyoming Cowboys in college, the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL and staying a true cowboy in retirement!

“I get up in the morning and feed horses and animals and dogs and try to ride as much as I possibly can and work the ranch,” Novacek laughed. “And still go out and do a fair amount of appearances.”

He has one of those appearances tomorrow out at AT&T Stadium as he partners with the All-State Tailgate before the USC-Alabama game.

It’s been nearly twenty years since this cowboy had to ride off into the sunset, though, retiring after chronic back issues kept him off the field for the ’96 season.

“It’s never an easy decision,” Novacek recounted. “Obviously, you want to play as long as you possibly can but with my back and the injury I had back there, I could not work out to get myself in shape to play in the NFL. It was too bad because there were still a lot of great players and good friends on that team that I had to leave behind.”

So what would one gridiron star say to another, like Tony Romo as he tries to battle back from his third major back injury in 3 years?

“That individual has to make that decision, whether to keep pressing on until they kick you out of the game or make that decision to yourself,” Novacek said. “That ‘you know I’ve had a good career and it’s probably time for me to hang it up.’”

Well, whatever this current generation of Cowboys does, at least before the wears and tears of the game sidelined him for good, Jay Novacek helped deliver this city a dynasty and did it as a true Cowboy through and through.

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