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Chew on This: Roots on Tap

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DALLAS – There's no doubt that we all need our fair share of fruits and veggies. And for those looking to get their fix in the form of juice, there's Roots On Tap, across the street from Fair Park.

It's a personal journey that lead owner Nicole Allen to open a juice bar.

"I found myself gaining weight, feeling very tired, and just not looking very good,” Allen told NewsFix.β€œAnd I really needed more fruit and vegetables in my life. So I was introduced to a green smoothie and I really took hold to it."

And now she's whipping up her own.

Now, for those who don't know, there's a difference between juices and smoothies.

"So a juice we take the whole fruit whole vegetable and press the juice out of it,” Allen said. β€œA smoothie we take the whole fruit whole vegetable and blend it together. So in a smoothie you get all the fiber and the nutrients, but in a juice you get all the nutrients and none of the fiber."

Chew on This: Roots On Tap pokes fun at alcohol, naming their drinks after popular boozy beverages.

"We have like a Green Cocopolitan, a Kale Ale, a Macarita,” Allen told NewsFix. "We're just trying to say that we are truly the responsible drinking."

And from responsibility, to representation – juice bars are pretty common, but black-owned juice bars? Not so much.

"I feel very honored,” Allen said. "It's real easy for me as an African American woman to introduce it to other African Americans. They seem a little bit more receptive to it. It's for everybody, we all need fruits and vegetables in our life. And if I could introduce it to a group of people that probably wouldn't have considered it initially, then I feel like I've done a good job."

Well, we'll drink to that!

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