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‘Wildboy’ Steve-O Injured After Attemtping Crazy Stunt!

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Courtesy: Steve-O Facebook

When your claim to fame is being a “Wildboy,” you’ve pretty much signed your life away to crazy dares.

“I feel as though after surviving all the things I’ve survived, to die over a stupid stunt at this point it doesn’t really make much sense,” Steve-O said in a recent interview with NewsFix.

The “Jackass” has proved several times that he’s not slowing down anytime soon.
Example A: Just last week he let his friend slap him around with a jellyfish.

And this week involved another stunt. It featured Tony Hawk, a skateboard, a car, a porta-potty, and a broken ankle. While Tony held the camera, Steve-O attempted to jump off the porta-potty with a skateboard after a car crashed into it. Can’t picture it? Check out the exclusive video from TMZ.

For Steve-O shattering your ankle in THREE places is like earning stripes. He posted this to Facebook and shared the TMZ video of the stunt before heading into surgery.

Guess as long as he’s raking in the cash, he’ll always be okay with racking up hospital bills.