New Animal Services Department Recommended for Dallas

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DALLAS - These are the dog days of summer, all right, and that’s what’s dogging Dallas City Council.  A consulting firm shed some light on how the city can control the pooch population.

The most glaring recommendation to council members: Create a separate department for animal services. City manager A.C. Gonzalez got a grilling on the matter.

"Not ready to embrace an additional department at this time," Gonzalez replied.

The firm also found that dog bite reports are up 15% over the past two years. To fight this, consultants suggest taking in more strays every year of the 8,700 out there in Dallas, but also euthanizing only the sickest animals.

All those recommendations sound good, but it would cost $2.7 million on top of the $10 million the city already spends every year.