Why Ramen Is Running America’s Prison Systems…

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WASHINGTON, D.C. --  Getting locked up not only means you're deprived of your freedom. But,  you're also stripped down of things you might've taken for granted when you were free.

You know: clean clothes, a soft bed, easy access to food.

And now a new study claims the most valuable commodity behind bars these days is Ramen noodles?

Yeah, according to the American Sociological Association prisoners are trading in everything from cigarettes to soap -- all for a cup of Ramen.

Researchers claim this rise of Ramen boils down to the decline in the "quantity and quality" of prison food.

Ha! Like, the food in jail was ever good?

The study says the "cheap, tasty, and caloric consumption" of Ramen is becoming so popular, it's even replacing prison currency like stamps and envelopes.

Hey! We know everybody loves Ramen but, this stuff sounds like it's a prison meal made for a goodfella.

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