Federal Judge in Wichita Falls Shelves Obama’s Bathroom Directive

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WICHITA FALLS -- Time for yet another update on the ongoing struggle for control over our kids' public school bathrooms.

Reed O'Connor, a federal judge in Wichita Falls, issued a nationwide preliminary injunction Sunday, prohibiting the Obama Administration from enforcing its directive from back in May.

We asked Dallas appellate attorney Chad Ruback to, you know, translate that for us.

"Judge O'Connor's order yesterday turns back the clock," said Ruback. "Puts us back to where we were at spring break."

Yeah, according to the judge, Obama overstepped his bounds when he ordered every public school in America to adopt transgender-friendly bathroom policies.  It seems the directive from the POTUS may have been more than just an updated interpretation of existing anti-discrimination laws.

"You can call it whatever you'd like," Ruback told NewsFix. "I've never seen a law that says exactly what this decree says; that, in my mind, would make it a new law."

And the president really isn't allowed to make new laws on his own, according to the Constitution.

So, we're back where we started.  School districts and states get to decide who uses which bathroom, at least while the issue makes its way through the courts, which could be a while.

"This issue is important enough; the U.S. Supreme Court's gonna need to weigh in on this," said Ruback.  "This is not an issue that a federal judge in Wichita Falls, Texas is going to be the final decider of."

It's an important issue alright, especially to those transgender students most affected.

But the debate in the courts isn't really about the kids, is it?  It seems to be more about politics.

At any rate, it could be quite some time before anything is resolved for good.

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