Spidey Fans Lash Out After Zendaya’s Mary Jane Role Confirmed

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LOS ANGELES -- Well, what do you know? There's new drama spinning behind another movie. This time, actress Zendaya has found herself in a tangled web of racism.

Once it was confirmed she'll be the first African-American woman to play Peter Parker's love interest in a Spiderman movie, fans got mad. Really mad!

So, of course, they took to Twitter to express their concern-- wondering why Marvel would cast an African American for the role.

Some even tweeted that Zendaya isn't a good fit because her hair isn't red like Mary Jane's. But our Spidey sense tells us they've never heard of a good hair dye or wig.

In a super long Facebook post, director James Gunn addressed the backlash.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time people have trolled about minority casting. Yes, some have had way too much time on their hands.

Backlash brewed when there were talks about Idris Elba playing the next James Bond. Star Wars fans didn't feel the force of a Black Storm Trooper either.

But now, there's Zendaya. Chill out, people! Or should we say: Take a moment of zen.

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