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Shields Shakes Off Last December’s Twister, Reopening for New School Year

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RED OAK, TX -- A lot can change in eight months. Just ask the students and teachers at Red Oak ISD's Shields Elementary School.

I was very sad," 3rd Grader Kamya McGregor said, remembering the destruction of her school last winter. "It's not fun having to go to a different school when you're used to a different one."

Remember the day after Christmas tornado? These people do. The school was a mess after the huge storm blew through, turning Christmas break into a break from their building and forcing everyone to learn about rebuilding.

"It was very scary, and we were all very sad to lose our school," said 3rd Grade Teacher Bo Livingston. "This was our beautiful new building."

No, your beautiful new building reopened Monday, both rebuilt and revamped, but still holding a familiar feel.

"We want the kids to feel like they're coming home," said Red Oak ISD Superintendent Scott Niven. "And it feels good to them and is not a strange place, and that they feel safe and comfortable."

Of course, there was one big thing missing. Well, actually it was a bunch of little ones.

"When it came to life was when the kids showed up today," said Red Oak ISD Executive Director of Communication Helen Williams. "That was when we knew we had hit the target."

With new technology, including smart boards and WiFi, Shields is better than ever. Now, it's time to dig into the important stuff.

"Learning about animals and dinosaurs and stuff like that," said 3rd Grader Nick Livingston.

The Red Oak community shows us how to turn a huge negative into a bigger positive; an amazing lesson on perspective everyone there has aced.

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