Class Back in Session Means Immunization Troubles, DISD New Campus

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DALLAS, TX -- Summer is unofficially over as many school districts started school Monday morning.

Some students in Dallas ISD started the new year in a brand new school.

Jose "Joe" May Elementary School is a flagship campus aimed at introducing young children to technology and getting them excited to learn. It serves pre-k though fifth grade level children.

Some parents transferred their children to the school because of its new amenities and overcrowded classrooms.

While many parents planned ahead and had their kids immunized before the school year started, others had to line up at the Dallas County Health and Human Services Department for their school shots.

"Some people didn't even go to school. They came straight here. If you look at the line, we may be right at 200. We have to get to a point where we have to cut off because we can only see so many people per day," said health department director Zach Thompson.

Thompson estimates the department will give 600 immunizations each day for the next week.

Some parents suggest getting kids immunized over the summer.  Tony Myers said, "we were here last week, and we were in line for about six hours. Get your shots early. That's all I have to say. Make sure you get your shots early. Do it in the summer."