Castiel’s Funniest ‘Supernatural’ Moments

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Brace yourselves, Supernatural fans, as one of the best angels The CW has ever seen is about to get another year older. Yes, that’s right … Misha Collins, a.k.a. Castiel, is turning 42 on Saturday (Aug. 20) and to celebrate, Zap2it is taking a look back at some of Castiel’s funniest moments.

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Because really, all this running around to prevent the coming apocalypse can get a little tiresome.

FBI Agent Castiel

In the Season 5 episode Free to Be Me and You, Dean (Jensen Ackles) enlisted Castiel’s help in getting to the bottom of this whole angel/demon chaos that started unfolding around the Winchesters. Yet saying you’re an angel of the Lord isn’t the best plan of attack. When all else fails, lie like a human. Just be sure to hold your FBI badge right side up.

Casanova Castiel

In the Season 6 episode Caged Heat, Castiel happened upon some adult entertainment while staying in Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean’s hotel room. Sure, his confusion over the pizza man’s treatment of the woman in said video was cause for concern … but Castiel soon put what he learned to good use. Megstiel forever!

Drunk Castiel

It’s tough to get an angel drunk, but in the Season 5 episode 99 Problems, Castiel achieves a new level of inebriation. A couple drinks wouldn’t do it for the angel, but drinking the entire liquor store? Achievement unlocked.

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Thoughtful Castiel

It’s not a rare occasion for Dean to find Castiel doing something odd, but this moment in the Season 7 episode titled Survival of the Fittest has Castiel doing some soul-searching of his own. Sitting in the car, listening to Don McLean’s Vincent, it’s not hard to think about the grander scheme of things and how they all relate … to monkeys.

Crazy Castiel

Season 7 was an interesting time for Castiel, as he had a temporary bout of amnesia. Remembering he was an angel and his purpose in the fight against Dick Roman (James Patrick Stuart), this aloof version of Castiel might be our personal favorite. The guy has so much love to give.

Crafty Castiel

This one is probably one of the most popular moments among Supernatural fans. The end of Season 5 was an emotional one, as Sam was possessed by Lucifer and the apocalypse was on its way. But Dean wasn’t going to let Sam die without a fight and Castiel added in his own fiery two cents in the form of a Molotov cocktail. And fans everywhere rejoiced in unison, but yelling the now immortal words: “Hey Assbutt!”

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