Paralympic Games Faces Biggest Budget Cuts in History

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RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - As the excitement of the Olympic games winds down in Rio the Paralympic games are set to pick up where they leave off but there`s only one problem; there’s no money.

The Paralympic Games are facing the biggest budget cuts seen in its 56 year history. It’s resulted in things like downsizing of the workforce, closing of venues and even cuts in transportation. Now athletes will be given delayed travel grants with at least 10 countries just struggling to get to Rio.

The financial trouble is all because Rio`s organizing committee has simply not been able to raise enough money to fully fund the Paralympics. Part of the issue is that only 12 percent of available tickets have been sold for the games which begin on September 7th.

The other problem is Brazil`s lackluster economy; according to Fortune the poverty stricken country has sunk an estimated 15 billion dollars on infrastructure for the Rio games.

On the flip side, the athletes who can find a way to actually get to this year`s Paralympics will be comforted to know that the security currently in place for Olympics will remain unaffected.

So to all the athletes who do make it to Rio, good luck!