Kanye’s Pop-up Shop Opens Doors in Frisco!

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FRISCO -- Rise up, Yeezy fans. The "Life of Pablo" pop-up shop has made its way to Frisco.

That's right, the rapper-turned-fashion mogul has opened up a much-anticipated one stop shop for three days only at the Stonebriar Centre.

Twenty-one locations were announced on Kanye’s website late Thursday evening and the lucky ones to be graced with Mr. West's fashion include the four corners of the fashion world: London, Singapore, Las Vegas and Frisco.

"It’s the first time this has ever happened or anything like this has happened here. Pop-up shops are more like in bigger cities like New York or California, it’s pretty exciting to have it here,” says Arturo Salgado.

Now West is no stranger to causing a ruckus. So you'd better believe the fans were ready to get their hands on the Louise Vuitton Don's latest creations. Some tweeted their excitement and others stood in line all night!

"It’s just the fact that Kanye, his tour merchandise is the most hyped up and everyone wants it and we're the first ones here," says Keegan Bell.

As far as prices go, some items are moderately priced but others are up there.

We all remember when Kanye sold a white tee for $121 and a pair of Yeezy's will run you about $200. Yet, no matter what the prices are, the fans stay dedicated.