Chew on This: Next Door

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DALLAS – If you're looking for a neighborly place to grab a bite in Dallas, look no further than next door. No, really – go Next Door!

"The owners of the business own 'Avenu,' which is directly next door," executive chef Paul Niekrasz told Newsfix.  "It's a little confusing sometimes because someone will come looking for one of the owners and they'll be at Avenu and I'll say, 'Well, they're next door. No, I'm at Next Door.'"

One thing that isn't confusing is the food. That's because Chef Niekrasz is offering a bite-sized version of everyone's favorites.

"People aren't necessarily looking just to sit down and eat all the time,” Niekrasz said. "Kinda come in and have a few drinks and nosh so to speak."

From the cobb salad bite made with crunchy bacon cups and just the right amount of bleu cheese. To the grilled cheese and tomato soup dumplings, to the lemon pesto spaghettini – topped with a sunny side up quail egg.

Chew on This: Next Door is keeping it quaint for dessert as well with mini double chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches topped with salted caramel sauce. And they're so good -- you'll wanna order double!

If you have yet to try Next Door, now is the perfect time! They're a participant in Dallas Restaurant Week, which lasts through September 4th.

So don't be scared to share – Next Door is only a knock away.